The Crystal Process

Close up of Blue Lagoon crystalsI first developed my Crystal Glazes over 26 years ago producing pottery with just a few small crystals on each pot.

Over the years I continued to experiment, refining my process to create unique Crystalline Pottery.

The basic process involves trying to imitate the way crystals form in the natural world.

The earth has been producing crystals for millennia. Diamonds and Sapphires formed from immense heat and pressure combined with slow cooling over millions of years.

After forming my pots on the potter’s wheel using porcelain clay I fire them in an electric kiln to 1000 °C.

I then coat the pot with my glass recipe which contains Silica and Zinc.

Close up of Red Lustre crystalsFor different colours I add various metals to my recipe- rust for citrine, copper for jade, cobalt for sapphire and manganese for pink champagne.

The pot is then returned to my kiln and fired to 1320 °C.

This extremely high temperature melts my glass recipe to the porcelain forming a strong vitreous body.

I then slowly cool my kiln over many hours to allow the silica and zinc to form zinc silicate crystal known as willemite.

These crystal grow randomly to produce a truly unique piece.

Click on an image to see the crystals in a larger size.